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Friday, December 09, 2005

Thrift store revamp swap

So heres the deal , somebody buys a bag from a charity shop they send it to somebody else to revamp up. After waiting a seriously long time to recieve my bag , here is what I did to it.

Ive decided to hold back on swaps for a while as it seems to be coming alot of hassle for me , people not meeting deadlines and such , and I dont mean a few days I mean a few weeks. Rant over , here are the results.

Before bag

Yucky plaid burberry rip off thing , makes em want to puke just looking at it to be honest.

After Bag

First things first , whip out the paint and cover that awful fabric with bright yellow , yay ! Then I used inter bonding to make some retro shapes and a cute little owl.
The bag looks a little messy here , but Ive since tidied up the old paint around the edges.


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